Our aim is to encourage more PR professionals, working in consultancy and in-house, to regard PR measurement as an everyday part of what they do.

Measurement is the final ingredient to help PR realise its potential

Francis Ingham & Richard Bagnall

Why measurement matters and how it underscores the value of what you do

Elise Mitchell

Getting started! How to create a measurement culture in your company

Giles Peddy

How using relevant data makes you a winner

Jon Hughes

Measuring PR Performance across borders

Antoine Harary

Measurement is not optional– not for the UK Government – not for your organisation.

Alex Aiken

Why we are saying “No to AVEs

Richard Bagnall

How PR professionals can move from data to insights Isentia

Khali Sakkas

Be patient. We’re learning.

Fritz Quinn

En(In)suring your reputation through smart PR measurement

Mandy Kojetin & Lauren Volmink

Evolution of measurement in India: From numbers to business impact

Nitin Mantri

What we mean! Definitions and terms

Neil Wholey

Tips from our authors

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