Like To Know More?

Like To Know More?

Thank you for your interest in visiting the PR Professionals Guide. We intend to update this at regular intervals to bring PR professionals the best thinking from around the world.
For information on the organisations who collaborated to produce the Guide please contact:

International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC)
Barry Leggetter, FPRCA, FCIPR
T +44 1268 412414 | M +44 7748 677 504

Barry Leggetter AMEC

International Communications Consultancy Organisation
Binta Kristin Hammerich, MPRCA
General Manager, ICCO
T +44 20 7233 6026 | |

Binta Hammerich ICCO

Francis Ingham, MPRCA
Director General, PRCA & Executive Director, ICCO
020 7233 6026
Fax is; 020 7828 4797