Getting it right: a ten point evaluation checklist.

Chapter 11

Getting it right: a ten point evaluation checklist.
Rob Ettridge & Philip Lynch

  1. Set SMART objectives:
    Set and agree clear and measurable campaign goals up front. If you put rubbish in, you’ll get rubbish out.
  2. Define success criteria:
    Define and agree the campaign success criteria and the base or benchmark you are measuring from.
  3. Agree on methodology:
    Define and agree the methodology for evaluation. Is it easy to use, clear, repeatable and consistent?
  4. Agree the focus:
    Agree what you are evaluating (quantitative and qualitative) and across which platforms (broadcast, radio, print, online, social media).
  5. Agree frequency:
    Agree on the frequency of evaluation and how and when to report back.
  6. Agree budgets:
    Agree on the available budgets for evaluation. Will it be integrated into the campaign retainer or charged separately?
  7. Measure quality and quantity:
    Measure the quality as well as the quantity of coverage. Sentiment, share of voice, engagement and message are crucial indicators, especially in today’s digital landscape.
  8. Focus on commercial outcomes:
    Measure the effect on outcomes rather than outputs. Have you answered the question:‘What are the proven business benefits to the organisation?’
  9. Integrate:
    Align and integrate your evaluation methodology with the organisation’s wider business and marketing metrics?
  10. Inform and improve:
    Analyse and use the data to assess the effectiveness and inform your next campaign. If necessary re-set the campaign objectives.

Co-Author Philip Lynch


Rob Ettridge

Partner, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry