Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Measurement Fast Forward
- Help us in a final push!
Francis Ingham & Jeremy Thompson

ICCO and PRCA are delighted to again join together with AMEC in producing a refresh of the PR Practitioner’s Guide to Measurement. This is designed to be a practical guide to help you demonstrate real return on the investment your clients make in your work.

Our message to the industry is clear and simple.

We’re making progress. We’ve left the debate behind about whether measurement is important. There can be no doubt that it is key to our future health, Now we want to turn talking into action.

We want to get PR professionals to realise one unanswerable fact that - they have to build measurement at the start of their PR program as part of the planning process. Don't wait until your PR campaign is over to think about measurement. By then the train will have left the station, your opportunity will have been lost.

Please get behind ICCO, PRCA and AMEC as we work together to persuade more PROs, agencies, big brands and the C-Suite of the importance of measurement.

Welcome to this new version of the PR Professionals Guide to Measurement. AMEC, PRCA and ICCO continue to be great collaborators who have recently worked together to update the original Barcelona Principles of Measurement to deliver Barcelona Principles 2.0, fit for an integrated digital age.

Our aim together is to continue to educate practitioners that measurement is not an option but part of a strategic discipline for the public relations industry.

Francis Ingham & Jeremy Thompson's Top 3 Measurement Tips

✔ Measurement is the best way to demonstrate the value of your work - use it;

✔ Be clear about your goals, measure objectively;

✔ Don't obsess about a number, focus on demonstrating the link between activities and outcomes.

Francis Ingham

Francis Ingham

Francis Ingham
PRCA Director General and ICCO Chief Executive


Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson
Managing Director, EMEA, Cision and Chairman, AMEC