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About This Guide

Our aim is to encourage more PR professionals, working in consultancy and in-house, to regard PR measurement as an everyday part of what they do.

Chapter 1
Francis Ingham / Jeremy Thompson

Measurement’s rapid rise to acceptance - But are you on board?

Francis Ingham & Jeremy Thompson

Chapter 2
David Gallagher

Proving The Value of PR: Why Measurement Is Important.

David Gallagher

Chapter 3
Andy West

Getting started! Your measurement options and how we created a global system in our consultancy.

Andy West
Chapter 4peel

Chapter 4
Giselle Bodie

A Step-By-Step Approach to PR Measurement.

Giselle Bodie

Chapter 5
Laura Skelley / Michael Ziviani

Measuring PR performance across borders – how a global programme works.

Laura Skelley & Michael Ziviani
Chapter 6_Barcelonapeel

Chapter 6
David Rockland

What’s the big deal about the Barcelona Principles – and where do we go from here?

David Rockland

Chapter 7
Richard Bagnall

You can measure social media.

Richard Bagnall
Chapter 8npeel

Chapter 8
Marion McDonald

Insights Critical for Effective PR but Must Go Beyond the ‘Bleeding Obvious’.

Marion McDonald

Chapter 9
Ben Matthews

The client view of what measurement looks like.

Ben Matthews

Chapter 10
Bridget von Holdt

Nelson Mandela International Day - Inzalo Communication, a member of
the Public Relations Institute of South Africa

Chapter 11
Rob Ettridge / Philip Lynch

Getting it right: a ten point evaluation checklist.

Rob Ettridge & Philip Lynch

Chapter 12
Neil Wholey

What we mean! Definitions and terms.

Neil Wholey
Top Tips peel

Top Measurement Tips

We asked all our international authors to for their top 3 measurement tips. Here is a summary of what they said.
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